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Dear Amy Review


Dear Amy was not the gripping read that I had expected it to be. It is psychological thrilled that turned out to be a passable read, though it failed to hold my interest a hundred pages in. Margot Lewis has an agony aunt column in the local paper, with a troubling personal history. She begins to receive letters from Bethan Avery, a girl who disappeared twenty years ago. The letters hold information that would not be known to the public and Margot’s interest is ignited. At the same time, Katie Browne, one of Margot’s student’s is missing. I was more interested in Katie’s narrative than I was Margot’s. The characters did not hold my interest, which was not helped by the slow moving plot with little twists and turns. Not good for a psychological thriller.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to the end. Though I will say Helen Callaghan wrote very well, the lack of suspense, twists and urgency in the plot let this novel down.

Dear Amy was published by Michael Joseph, an imprint of Penguin Random House in 2016.


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