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Saving Sophie by Sam Carrington | Revie

https://allthingsbooksweb.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/saving-sophie-book-review-all-things-blog-20161012_093225_burst01.jpg?w=663A psychological thriller with lots of twists and turns that will keep you hooked. Opening with a prologue – anonymous voice, a captured girl. We are then plunged headlong into the main plot – Sophie is missing, but nothing makes sense.

When Sophie Finch returns home from a night out with her friends with a police escort having been found wandering drunk alone, her mother, Karen is immediately worried., blaming Sophie’s friends for having allowed her to get into such a state and abandoning her. With Sophie uttering something incoherent about her friend Amy, and her behavior being so erratic, Karen begins to suspect that that the issue is much deeper with Sophie and perhaps, even Amy. When she contacts Amy’s mother only to find out that she hadn’t returned him, the worry transforms to panic and when a young girl’s body is found near to where the police found Sophie, everyone fears the absolute worst.

The chapters are told alternately form the point of view of Sophie and her Karen. This, I thought was really affective to hear to view points of the same incidents. Karen’s narrative reveals her past, her secrets and her psychological issues. By having two main protagonists, Carrington has two sets of secrets and buried pasts to uncover as well as develop and explore more relationships, friendships – both between Sophie’s friends and Karen’s friendship with Rachel, relationships between mother and daughter, teenager’s relationship and marriage. These subplots work together to the main plot and the tensions, which these subplots create, are immense.

Carrington’s prose is relentlessly gripping from the very first page. It is an absolute page-turner of a thriller with all the necessary ingredients of a gripping and chilling psychological thriller. I managed to finish the book in two sittings. Saving Sophie consume my thoughts when I wasn’t reading it, I would think about the characters and the situations they found themselves in and would pull out my phone when I had any moment to keep reading.

Like most modern psychological thrillers, social media and the internet are integral to Saving Sophie and it fascinates me the way that the power of the web has affected crime writing – not only of making criminals more powerful or difficult to track down but also the work of the police and investigation teams becomes more complex. I loved how Carrington developed the characters through the use of emails as you can really get a sense of their personalities from the way they communicate.

Without giving the juicy bits away, I would say that this novel is definitely about secrets and uncovering them. Expect to be blown away with the revelations, surprises, twists and turns, as this is exactly what Saving Sophie will give you.

Saving Sophie is Sam Carrington’s debut novel. It was published by Avon books, which is an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.


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