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The Woman Next Door by Cass Green | Review

https://allthingsbooksweb.files.wordpress.com/2016/10/the-woman-next-door-book-review-all-things-books-blog-20161012_093035_hdr.jpg?w=663One of my favourite psychological thrillers of the year.

An absolute gripping read about two female neighbours – Hester and Melissa that resonates with the film, Notes on a Scandal.

Two suburban women. Two dark secrets. The almost perfect murder.

Melissa and Hester have lived next door to each other for years.

Hester, a widower without any children of her own, lives with her pet dog and is desperate for friendship. She tries to make amends with her neighbor Melissa and hopes to rekindle their long lost friendship. It’s obvious that Melissa, despite her outwardly glamorous and successful life, need’s Hester’s help. But taking help from Hester might not be such a good idea after all from a woman with as many secrets as Melissa.

Cass is a remarkable storyteller as she splits the narrative between Hester’s voice and a third person narrative on the chapters exploring Melissa’s viewpoints. We can’t believe everything Hester tells us, as she is the epitome of the unreliable narrator. The narrative slips effortlessly between the two protagonists; we discover they both have secrets and both see situations in completely different perspectives.

The Woman Next Door has all the ingredients to make a juicy, gripping psychological thriller. It will have you on the edge of your seat, keeping you up to read, and thinking about Melissa and Hester when you’re not reading.

An absolute page-turner that I’d highly recommend to all.

The Woman Next Door was published by Killer Reads, an imprint of HarperCollins in 2016.



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