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A Year of Being Single | Review

Devoured in one sitting. Though it wasn’t ‘laugh aloud’ funny, it did make me giggle here and there.

The novel focuses on three best friends: Imogen, Frankie and Grace. Imogen is supposed to be on of the most romantic weekend of her life and instead she’s quick to realise that her current boyfriend definitely isn’t ‘the one’ and is actually one big mistake.

Frankie is just fed up – of her good-for-nothing husband and her four, unappreciative children who hardly notice her anyway. And Grace thought she had the perfect life – a gorgeous little boy and a perfect, hardworking husband. That’s what she thought until she realised her husband was cheating on her with someone at work.

The three women have had enough of their relationships. It’s time for a change. They collectively decide to make a pact to stay single for a year (hence the title).

The most ironic thing about the characters is that the three women are slave to temptations lurking around almost every corner and end up breaking the rules of their pact in some shape or form.

The plot flowed in a logical manner with much waffling, which kept me interested throughout. Also, the characters each narrate a chapter of the novel, which allowed their individual, distinct voices to come alive. Imogen, Frankie and Grace proved to be well-developed characters and with their own distinctive qualities they made the plot come alive.

Collins focuses on relationships – both in terms of marriage and dating in a light hearted and comical way that almost every modern woman can relate to. An easy and entertaining read.

Fiona Collins likes to write feisty, funny novels about slightly more mature heroines. She writes furiously at her kitchen table whilst the children are at school.




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